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Hehay! I’ve Made The Front Page!

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Well, ok, it is a new site and fair enough, I really wasn’t “chosen” – it seems to be more of a random thing, and ever changing, but I was there!  Well, at least my baps were. :mrgreen:  See?


The site is Look & Taste (formerly and you can get there by clicking on the screenshot above.

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March 16, 2009 at 9:24 am

Three Little Questions

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But first, here’s how the baps turned out last night –


Will be giving them a taste test this evening with a couple of rashers of lovely unsmoked back bacon from our butcher.  Mmmmm………

Oh yeah, the questions!

  1. IF these Dettol Wipes/Spray kill 99.9% of all germs/bacteria/viruses, why don’t the hospitals wipe down/spray every available surface with it?  Or are the germs/bacteria/viruses they have trouble keeping at bay in that 00.1%? Acutally this is a question posed by BH who thinks they should also be using the stuff on the patients themselves 😀
  2. In the Gaviscon advert – who decided that the helicopter crew’s uniforms should match the colour of the product box??
  3. Why, when people ring someone and get the answer phone, do the majority let the recording run full through before hanging up? Is it because they’re hoping whoever will pick it up prior to the end of the recording?  In my own personal experience, most people set the answer phone to come on after more than just a couple of rings.  If they were anywhere in the vicinity and heard the phone AND wanted to talk, they would have picked up.  If they are there and are using the machine to “screen” calls and they wouldn’t mind talking to you, they will never know it’s you if you don’t SAY SOMETHING!  One of life’s little irritations is checking the machine and seeing that you have 6 new messages  –  5 of which are ‘hang-ups’!

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February 4, 2009 at 2:47 pm

The Blizzard Passed Us By

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Not too long after posting the last entry what there was of the snow turned to rain and stayed that way. 😦   We ended up with nothing but slush which during the night froze solid.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be on the roads early this morning!  Word is that there could be another possibility of snow later in the week, so fingers crossed.

Also, not long after the last post I toddled out to the kitchen to make some of those Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip Cookies that I mentioned from Maria’s blog.  I did have to substitute chopped chocolate for the chips as I didn’t have any, and I didn’t have enough of either light brown or dark brown sugar, so I used half of the 110g of each.  They turned out lovely and sooo delicious!  I also doubled the batch so that there were more than enough to share with BH’s boss and the IL’s.  Probably kept too many here, but that is soon rectified!


I conjured up some dough just before lunch and have fashioned it into some baps that now need to go into the oven.  Ooo, how I would love a huge brick oven to do my breads and rolls in!


And then before heading off to change the bedding, I want to have a look online for ideas on veggies to grow this year.  Just a few, as we have very limited space and without much in the way of shelter, they have to be able to put up with the winds we get here . . . . . .wondering how difficult potatoes are to grow.  Seems I’ve read in one of Jamie’s books or remember from one of his shows that they are really easy, and carrots maybe.  Time for a bit of searching as soon as the rolls have come out.

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Written by kadeeae

February 3, 2009 at 4:02 pm