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Beginning My ‘Snippets Alphabet’

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Thanks to A Thrifty Mrs, today I’ll be starting a “snippets Alphabet”.  It seems a bit daunting at the moment, but let’s see how it goes!

A – This one is too easy.  Apple, as in Mac.  I am a confirmed and devoted Apple Fangirl.  I started out on computers about 10 years ago on a Windows machine.  My iMac was one year old just a couple of weeks before Christmas this year, and I have never, ever, looked back.  BH is a Windows man, so I’ve had to learn what there is to learn on my own and via forums etc. on the internet.  It’s hard to come up with just one or two why’s, but I simply enjoy using a Mac so much more than I ever did any Windows machine.

B – Is for Baking.  I do enjoy all sorts of cooking and creating in the kitchen, but I love baking.  I’ve often said that I would be ever so happy if I could just bake all day long – oh, and of course hire a few flunkies to do all of the clean up work needed in my wake!!

C – Is for Cry.  I haven’t had a really good cry in absolute ages, so I am well overdue.  The next one (due to this backlog) promises to be of monsoon proportions.  Tissues at the ready .  .  .  .

D – Is for Derbyshire.  My most favoured area of England, and a world away from our Nofolk coastline.  A dream home would be built somewhere within a wooded acre of this most lovely place 🙂

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February 18, 2009 at 3:04 pm

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