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An Award And It’s Much Belated Passing On

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First, I’d like to apologise to Sam for not getting this posted and passed on sooner.  It was given to me just as we left on a fortnights holiday late last year (this, I suppose, explains the 08 date!) and became “lost in the shuffle” so to speak.  I, of course, kept it and put it in a safe place 😉 here on the iMac.  Upon returning from holiday there was the customary monstrous pile of email waiting to be sorted through and replied to, and my lovely award just kept getting pushed to the back of the pile.  Well, no more!

Thank you to Sam at Antics Of A Cycling Cook for giving me the Brillante Weblog Award, it was very thoughtful of you and much appreciated.  Now to get it passed on.  This bit took some time too, because I have lots and lots of Blog RSS feeds in NetNewsWire and quite a few “favourites” within those, it was hard to choose – so, in no particular order – ↓ here goes ↓


The Homely Year

Irina at Moscow Daily Photo

Catz’s Corner

Baking By Numbers

The Frugal Cook

Down To Earth

Somerset Seasons / Dorset Days

All of them are excellent blogs, each with their own individual style and content.  There is good food, wonderfully thrifty ideas, lovely photographs and much more so please go and have a look!

To accept and display your award simply do the following:

1.   When you receive a diamond, make a post about it on your blog.
2.   Name the blogger from whom you received it.
3.   Award the diamond to seven other bloggers.
4.   Link them.
5.   Tell them they received an award.

You can either display the award (simply copy and paste) within a post, in your sidebar or both.  There, that was a tough one, I wish the rules allowed for more than 7!  Let’s hope they all participate and pass it on – help make up for my lateness 😀

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February 12, 2009 at 4:41 pm

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