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News Of The Weekend, With Banana Muffins!

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The weekend wasn’t a washout and there was even sunshine at times, lots of it on Sunday.  I had already resigned myself to the fact it was going to be cold, wet and grey Sunday so didn’t mind that BH was off to ‘detect’ at their regular meet.  Then the sun came out.  And stayed out.  All day.  Nevermind, I kept busy – just not too busy and had a bit of a wander close to home to enjoy the blue skies.

I did get some time with Dear Fatty, and am thoroughly enjoying the book – almost an audio book as I can just hear Dawn French’s voice reading the words as I go along, wonderful!

There were 3 bananas that had been setting on the table for over a week and every time I passed them I thought I had better do something with them soon as they were getting darker by the day.  Finally I decided that they would have to go in the bin, the skins were completely black now and I couldn’t even get a decent grip (too squishy) to start to peel any of them.  Then the little voice spoke (then one in my head who occasionally blurts things out) and thought I should just have a look at the inside flesh of one.  I had to cut the very end of the peel off with scissors, and then very gingerly pull away at the peel.  The bananas themselves were no where near as soft as they’d felt inside the peel (although they were very soft!) and not a brownish bit on the lot!  😕


So of course now there was no way I could bin them and made these tasty muffins instead ↓ ↓



The recipe is here in a previous post.  It’s for banana bread, and I’ve just put it in muffin/cupcake papers instead of bread tins and baked until they were firm and a nice deep golden brown on top.  Just goes to show you, best check them first before consigning them to the bin!

I did get the bookmarks cleaned up in Firefox like I wanted,  unused or unwanted programs uninstalled (so easy on the Mac!),  the “Later” folder gone through and a general internal clean-up with Onyx, all programs updated or upgraded as needed.  I added a guestbook to CTH and will have a go at customising it a bit more at a later date.  Then what was left of the weekend was dedicated to the Sunday papers, hoovering up as the beast drops masses of hair, and the shouty people (Eastenders) omnibus and LOST.  Just as the weekend started we had finished watching the Hannah Hauxwell DVDs too.


She really is a remarkable woman, there aren’t many who could have lived her life – alone – and the episode where she finally has to leave the farm is heartbreaking.  I highly recommend it, even if you have seen the series when it originally aired and enjoyed it, it would be worth revisiting.  I would love to know what happened after the last series.

All in all, productive – maybe not as much as I’d of liked, but still .  .  .  .  now, roll on next weekend!  😀

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Written by kadeeae

February 9, 2009 at 5:01 pm

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  1. Very productive!! Making me tired just thinking about it, lol. And those muffins…. mmmmmmmm!!!!!


    February 9, 2009 at 9:45 pm

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