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While Pottering About At Home In Norfolk

January Grey Days

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The following is the last post from Pottering About, I thought it fitting to be the first post on the re-designed CTH, bringing the two together and all, plus it gets The Beast her first outing on CTH.

A better day today, weather wise.  Still cold (but then it IS January isn’t it?) and today the wind is back, but at least the freezing fog is gone.  Yesterday the fog just continued to thicken as the day wore on and it didn’t get any warmer.  All of the various spider webs dotted about outside were thick with frost which melted about halfway and then about noon started freezing again.  I meant to take a few photos – frozen spider webs, classic photo op – but never got around to it.

I received some DVD’s for Christmas that I had been wanting and am currently watching and hope to finish up at the weekend –


I’m just about through the last DVD, just the “extras” to have a look at now.  I have always had a keen interest in the WWII period home front especially, but love reading about or watching programs to do with the 100 year time period between 1850 and 1950.  I’m fascinated by how much people just took in their stride that today we would find nearly unbearable.  There is no doubt that we have just become soooo soft.  Also received a Hannah Hauxwell DVD that I’m anxious to watch.  Sounds like an amazing woman!

THE BEAST – An Update

Quite some time before Christmas, at her last check up by the vet, we were told to watch the ‘lump’ over her eye and if (although we think it was more of a case of ‘when’) it started to grow or get larger in any way, we should make an appointment for her and the eye would have to be removed.  As it stands right now, the growth on her upper lid has all but gone and so thus far she has escaped having to go back, yet again, to the vet for surgery on her eye.  BH puts drops in her eyes every day, twice daily.  There is one type for her left eye and another for her right as she has two separate problems.  So, fingers crossed, this will be one of those strange, unexplainable occurrences and the lump will just never make a reappearance.


Off to do a bit of hoovering – the beast is in the midst of dropping hair like you wouldn’t believe and then get dinner (lunch to some out there) ready.  Easy cooking day just a couple of Simple Simon’s pies to heat up and some fresh veg to chop and steam.  Then it’s clean-up which will be quick and back to the Mac for some more online goodness 😉


Written by kadeeae

January 31, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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