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Often Overlooked Cuts Of Meat Making A Comeback

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I have to say that the only ones I’ve not used are the Bath Chaps and Trotters. I know the Shin is one of my favourites to do in my slow cooker, comes out lovely, tender and moist. Oxtail is great too, a bit fidgety because of the meat/bone ratio, but worth the effort!

For the full story please follow the “Clipped From” link below.

clipped from

New cuts on the block: Thriftier meats are undergoing a revival

John Copping takes out a knife. “Stand back,” he says, “I don’t want you to get blood on your coat.” Across a double-length butcher’s block he arranges a mighty chunk of cow carcass and carves it expertly so that four ribs are exposed, French-style. Copping lifts off a great flap of fatty tissue flecked with red – alarmingly, it reminds me of the “muffin tops” that hang over trouser tops in a British summer – and puts it to one side. “That’s the flap, the cheaper cut,” he says. “It’ll sell for less than the côte de boeuf. In butchery, you use everything.”

From top to tail: Six neglected cuts to try

Beef shin
Bath chaps
Lamb shanks
Beef skirt

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January 15, 2009 at 4:43 pm

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