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Ok, not exactly a kid, but you get my drift.  🙂

This site and it’s blog have piqued my interest as I look to try and buy/eat more locally grown/reared/produced food products.  The site is Food Safari and it’s sister blog The Food Safari Blog and the idea is not only consuming local produce but meeting those who produce it and seeing exactly where it’s produced.  I think this is a great idea simply because most people interested in locally grown goods would also (IMHO) be interested in seeing the premises and meeting the producer – instilling even more confidence in their choices.

Their first “event” is this weekend as part of the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival, they will be guided around Peakhill Farm of Saxmundham and even, apparently, nibble as you go!  Now that can’t be bad!  If you are interested in tagging along contact Polly Robinson via phone at 01728 621380 or email her at (replacing the AT with @).

Tickets are £10.

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Written by kadeeae

September 25, 2008 at 8:45 am

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