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Spuds, Birdseed And Lust.

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Firstly, the humble spud.  I love ’em in most any edible form they may take, and here are two that we’ve had fairly recently.

Fried potatoes.  I had some potatoes in the bag that were just beginning to look a bit worse for wear and determined to throw less food (read:  Money) away I peeled and then boiled them.  When they were just starting to get soft and had a little bit of give under a fork, I drained them and then left them to cool.  In an hour or so I put them in the fridge, uncovered so that they didn’t sweat.  The next day I drizzled some olive oil in a frying pan, and added a ‘plop’ of butter.  While those were heating I finely chopped some onion and started cubing the potatoes.  Added the onion and fried until just clear, then added the chopped potatoes.  Fried on a medium/high heat until as brown and crispy as you’d like.  Some fresh herbs would have been nice too, but BH was making a salad from his “cut and come again” leaves and was adding quite a few herbs to the salad so I left it, just adding salt and pepper to taste.

So Simple, Sooo Good!

So Simple, Sooo Good!

One night  I announced that I fancied some mash for tea, really it was more of a desperate craving, and boiled the spuds, mashed with a little milk (no cream available – damn!) and lots of butter, some salt and pepper added, a few freshly chopped chives and parsley from BH’s herbs and then topped with a nice knob of butter and some grated cheese.  Just what the doctor orderded!





The birdseed warning.  I’m not sure if we’re meant to cut out the warning and place it in full view on the bird table or not.  I would think so, just in case any of our feathered friends have allergies.

For The Tweeters With Allergies

For The Tweeters With Allergies

And finally that bit of lust.  Truth be told, it’s a major lust.  I am totally, completely, with my entire being lusting after . . . . dare I say it?. . . . a KENWOOD CHEF MAJOR TITANIUM.

W O O T!

W O O T!

No, no it’s not that silly Kenwood Chef Major Titanium  KM010 with it’s piddly 1400W motor.   It’s the mac daddy I’m lusting over.  The behemoth.  The Kenwood Major Titanium Chef KM020 with it’s 1500W motor and larger bowl capacity.  Not to mention it weighing in at almost double the overall weight of the KM010.  I want it.  Desperately.

I want it to sit, in all it’s glory upon my countertop, taking up what little room I have left and shine.  Sparkle. Glow, in a wondrous dreamy haze.

There are lots of attachments for it to do most anything, from what I can tell, I could ever wish to do.  And, as a great selling point I could actually end up with more space because of all of the other “machines” that I could get rid of!  Yeah?  With me so far?  🙂   Thought so.  Maybe not more space.  Maybe not the only kitchen machine you ever will need.  Maybe.  In any case, doesn’t matter.  I can’t even mix a cake any more without visions of the Titanium KM020 creeping into my head – worst part being that you don’t want to start drooling when you’re standing over a bowl trying to b l e n d.   So something has to be done.  As soon as the vacation fund is fully . . . . well. . . . . .funded, I’m starting the Titanium KM020 fund.  I’ll keep you posted.


Written by kadeeae

July 17, 2008 at 9:32 am

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