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Food Waste And The Buns Have Left The Building!

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I’ve been doing so well lately, cutting down on the amount of food that goes into the bin.  Not so this past week I’m afraid.  At the beginning of the week their were some veggies tossed and then today I’ve had to throw out 5 parsnips (bought a pre-packed bag instead of just the few I really wanted) and 4 large carrots.  I say had to because it really was a no brainer.  The parsnips had more soft spots than firm and were slimey.  The carrots had black (no,not even dark brown) areas and also were slimey.  I’ve no excuses other than laziness – grabbing some frozen veg out for dinner instead of spending a couple of minutes more and chopping some fresh out of the fridge.  I’ve got to try harder and see the ££ signs going in the bin instead of just a few veg.  Back to the Love Food Hate Waste website and get revitalized!  🙂

These sad looking bananas will be going nowhere, except in a bowl to be mashed for bread or muffins later today or tomorrow!  Really, they are very much OK on the inside, and will make excellent banana bread/muffins.

Do Not Throw These Away!

Do Not Throw These Away!

And now we end the saga of the Everlasting Burger Buns.  Purchased aprrox. a week before their best by date of April 23rd, and put directly into the freezer upon returning home.  Taken out of the freezer on the 17th of May and the last one has been sitting on the counter ever since.  It is now totally rock-like and just beginning to show a very few, very very tiny fuzzy spots.  You can just about see them in the photos if you look really closely.  So, yes, as the package states, they really do stay fresher (I’d say fuzz free, I don’t know that the term FRESH applies here at all!) longer.  Much longer.  Way, way too long in fact.  So long it’s slightly frighteneing.  This cannot possibly be real food.  It’s some sort of manufactured mess disguising itself as food.  The Frankenstein Bun has arrived.

And now they’re in the bin!


Written by kadeeae

July 17, 2008 at 8:56 am

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